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Modern solid fuel appliances, and any other home equipment, work satisfactorily when properly selected and connected. Then it is unlikely to occur any problems.
There are some cases where the problem occurs with filling with smoke.
Problems with smoke and poor draft are caused by poor design and construction of the chimney
- Insufficient size and unfavorable.
The purpose of this booklet is to describe the possible causes and explain what can be done to correct them. It is possible that errors and improvements brochure to create a false impression of the severity of the problems described therein. To be complete within reasonable limits, however, it is desirable to describe and rare cases amongst
to normal.
Chimneys are not particularly complex, but most people really do not understand how they work. Knowing it makes sense in the whole process of getting better and bezopasenogan and avoid problems associated with chimneys.
Each type stack has its advantages and limitations. Brick chimneys are traditionally more beautiful that many homeowners desire. Chimneys made of metal pipes are easy to install and usually at a lower price.
Determining the best you stack requires a complete picture of the chimney serviced appliances (stoves, fireplaces, boilers, etc..) And required ventilation section, which requires each.
If you intend to build a new chimney, first, learn what passage section needs gear to use.
If you install a new (or used elsewhere) appliance to an existing chimney, do the same. Do not accept that your chimney is suitable.

 The chimney is a vertical tube designed to draw the combustion products from the combustion appliance and threw them into the air outside the home.
Inside the chimney are one or more vertical passage called ducts.
Everyone involved in the chimney flue requires its own equipment. Masonry chimneys can have multiple flue.



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